You Name It, We Do It!

And, if we can't do it, we'll refer you to someone who can!


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Welcome to B and E Enterprises, Inc.

Your Tube Bending Fabrication Machine Shop Specialist


Full Service Tube Bending, Machining, Welding, Swaging, Cutting, Deburring & Polishing

Making the Highest Quality Products for Customers for 28 years


You Name It, We Do It!

And, if we can't do it, we'll refer you to someone who can!


Save time by coming to us first!

"I look at how things can be done,

not just how it's usually done".


"I started B and E Enterprises 28 years ago, when I realized that no one else could do the kind of work I could. I had a passion to figure out how to make things that most people weren't able to make. Why can I make parts that others can't? Because I look at prints and projects in a different way.


Here at B and E Enterprises, we take great pride in attention to detail and making it right. Our superior production quality cannot be duplicated. We create products to the highest quality standards for our customers and we will maintain that same superior quality to produce your parts."


Mike Banister

Check Out what B and E Enterprises has to Offer You:


1. No Part is Too Small or Too Large

    * We have the Knowledge, Equipment and Capability to bend and fabricate Any Size Project.

    * The smallest part we've fabricated was an Elbow for the Military that was only 1/4" long.

    * The largest part was 3" x 3" square tubing bent into 3 ft x 30 ft long parts used in Mass Transit.


2. No Quantity is Too Small or Too Large

    * We offer Superior Flexibility and Versatility of Services from Concept to Major Production Runs.

    * Most companies only do prototype work or only production work; either small jobs or just huge ones. We are one of the few companies that has the flexibility and versatility to do both. On a regular basis, we are performing one of a kind prototype work, small quantity projects, and major production runs in the thousands; all at the same time.


3. We Work on all Sizes of Material, from Tiny to Huge

    * Round tube bending from as little as 1/16" O.D. up to 8" O.D.

    * Square tube bending from 1/2" x 1/2" up to 4" x 4"

    * Rectangular tube bending from 1/4" x 1/2" up to 4" x 6"

    * Oval tube bending from1/2" up to 4"

    * We are One of the Few that has the Expertise to Bend Oval tubing.


4. We Work on all Sizes of Wall Thicknesses, from Ultra Thin to Ultra Thick

    * We bend, fabricate, and machine tubing with a wall thicknesses as thin as 0.010" all the way up to 0.500".

    * And we have the capability to bend Solid Steel Bar up to 3" thick.


5. We Work on all Types of Material

    * Mild Steel

    * Chromoly

    * Stainless Steel

    * Aluminum

    * Titanium

    * Inconel

    * Copper

    * Nickel

    * Brass

    * Galvanized


6. We Can Adhere to Very Strict Tolerances

    * Strict Tolerances are not a problem. Since we have full machine shop capabilities, we are able to adapt our tooling to maintain your required critical dimensions. Just one example of our capabilities, is our use of Precision Mandrels when bending in order to maintain the critical dimensions of the Size and Shape of the tube, both Inside and Outside.


7. We Have Extensive Tooling Ready for Use

    * We have Hundreds of Individual Bend Dies on our shelves ready for use on your projects, as well as hundreds upon hundreds of Bending, Machining & Fabrication Tooling including Mandrels, Wiper Dies, Pressure Dies, Clamps, Swaging Dies, Press Dies, Punch Dies, End Mills, Fly Cutters, Radius Cutters, Collets, 3-4-6 Jaw Chucks, etc, etc, etc. We have tons of tooling available for your use.

    * In addition, we make all our own tooling, and thus can Make Any Size Tooling you require.


8. We have Extensive and Vast Fabrication Capabilities

    * We are experts in Tube Bending, CNC Lathe Work, Machining, Precision Tig  & Spot Welding, Swaging, Cutting, Deburring, & Polishing.



        * We are Experts in Tube Bending

        * We do Precision Mandrel Bending to maintain the size and shape of the tube inside and outside.

        * Round Tube Bending as  small as 1/16" up to 8" in diameter

        * Square Tube Bending as small as 1/2" x 1/2" up to 4" x 4"

        * Rectangular Tube Bending as small as 1/4" x 1/2" up to 4" x 6"

        * Oval Tube Bending from as small as 1/2" up to 4"

        * State-of the-Art Equipment

            * Pines #4 Right Hand Digitally Controlled N.C. Bender

            * Pines #4 Left Hand Digitally Controlled N.C.Bender

            * Pines #1 High Speed Digitally Controlled N.C. Bender

            * Di-Acro Bender



        * Get Either Complete Turned Parts or Just Components.

        * We are one of just a handful of companies in the nation that has a full production Mori-Seiki Computer Numerically Controlled CNC Lathe with Automated Bar Feeders and Conveyor System.  We are able to hold tolerances of + 0.001" which allows us to supply parts to our customers that run the gamut from bicycle steer tubes to precise electron microscope components. Our expertise in programming and operating this remarkable lathe allows us to provide you with either complete turned parts or just components, whichever best meets your individual company's needs.



        * We have an Extensive Machine Shop.

        * We have virtually every machine you would want giving us the ability to perform all aspects of your job for you, from basic drilling and tapping to the more complicated lathe and milling work. This gives you the versatility to have us make your part complete or just supply you with machined parts.

        * State-of-the-Art Equipment

            * Bridgeport, Maxmill, and Cincinnati Mills

            * Mori-Seiki Computer Numerically Controlled CNC Lathe

            * Delta, Victor, and Le Blond Lathes

            * Punch and Hydraulic Presses

            * One Hundred Ton Deep Draw Press with Platen Size 29" x 84"

            * Steinhoj 40 Ton Press

            * Ramco Automatic Line Grainer/Sander

            * Vertical 60" Long Sander Grinder

            * Mr. Deburr Tumbler



        * We do Superior Precision Tig Welding, Mig Welding, and Spot Welding Work.

        * We are Certified to ANSI/AWS B2.1, ANSI/AWS D1.1, ANSI/AWS D1.2, MIL-STD 1941, and MIL-STD 1261 which gives us the capability to work on everything from military welding with specific strength requirements to motorcycle exhaust systems with both strength and cosmetic requirements.

        * State-of-the-Art Equipment

            * Hobart Cyber-Tig Welders

            * Thermal Arc Tig Welders

            * Miller Tig Welders

            * Thermal Arc Mig Welders

            * Miller Mig Welders

            * Spot Welders



        * We make our own swaging tools, so we have the ability to handle almost any job.

        * State-of-the-Art Equipment

            * 80 Ton Horizontal Hydraulic Swager

            * 40 Ton Vertical Hydraulic Swager



        * We perform Close Tolerance Cutting

        * State-of-the-Art Equipment
            * Scotchman Automated Cold Saws

            * Brobo and Haberle Cold Saws

            * Horizontal Band Saws

            * Birkestrand Roll Cutters and Roll Out Machines



        * High Luster Polish

        * State-of-the-Art Equipment

            * C & C Buff Upright Polishing Lathes

            * Ramco Automatic Line Granier/Sander


9. We have Experience with an Extensive Range of Products & Industries

    * We make parts that run the full spectrum of products and industries. Large Internationally Known Companies to Small Mom and Pop Shops. Small Parts and Small Quantities to Large Parts and Large Quantities. Specialized Components to Fully Completed Systems.  Commercial Products sold in Retail Stores to Aircraft Components for the US Military.  We do it all. No job is too small or too big.

Here is a list of just some of the variety of products we make for our customers:

        * Hydraulic Lines for Military Aircraft

        * Golf Bag Racks

        * Pneumatic Tubes for Dental Drills

        * Cooling Coil for Industrial Laser

        * Legs for Designer Museum Tables

        * Orthopedic Surgical Pins

        * Commercial Fitness Equipment

        * Weight Lifting Machines

        * Humvee Tail Light Guards

        * Outdoor Shower Curtain Racks

        * Airplane Seat Frames

        * Motorcycle Handlebars

        * Water Irrigation Misting Systems for Animal Shelters

        * Designer Chair Legs

        * Canopy Structures for Light Rail Mass Transit System

        * Orthoscopic Surgical Guide for Spine Injuries

        * Racing Boat Headers, Mufflers, and Marine Parts

            * Cooling Coil for Space Exploration

        * Motorcycle Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

        * Display Stands for Business Presentations

        * Truck Access Steps

        * BMX Handlebars, Forks, and Frames

        * Satellite Communication System Arms

        * Mountain, and Beach Cruiser Bike Parts

        * Security Enclosures

        * Helmet Yoke for Virtual Reality Games

        * Heavy Equipment Dirt Mover and Grader Parts

        * Accelerator Brake Pedals for Go-Carts

        * Platforms Components for Oil and Methane Drilling

        * Retail Displays

        * Hot Rod Car Engine Exhaust Systems

        * Dental Chair Arms

        * Street Sweeper Parts

        * Optical Measuring Systems

        * Shower Chairs for Physically Challenged People

        * Yacht Handrails

        * Commercial Tractor Imprinter Parts for Environment Restoration Projects

        * Handrails for Recreational and Fishing Boats

        * Hot Rod Cross Member Framework

        * Diesel Truck Cooling System Parts

        * Trade Show Display Racks

        * Automatic Gate Opener Components

        * Dental Stand Light Poles

        * Mail Trucks Racks

        * Handicapped Van Access Ramps

        * Commercial Railings for Museums

        * Industrial Racks and Carts

        * Car and Truck Utility Trailers

        * Frames for Dental Carts and Trays

        * Durable Medical Railing and Adjusting Parts for Hospital Beds

        * Frames for Sport Wheelchair

        * Temperature Probe Components for Wine, Chemical, and Food Industry    

        * Pressure Gradient Instrument Parts

        * Air Duct Component for Turbo Charged Truck Motor

        * Truck Bed Extender

        * Interactive Motorcycle Seat and Handlebar Display

        * Computer Monitor Mounting Arm for Educational System

        * Golf Cart Windshield and Sunshade Frame

        * Industrial Dishwasher Spray Arms

        * Camera Frame for Penal System

        * Arms for Physical Therapy Sling

        * Etc. Etc. Etc.  


10. Location is Not an Issue.

     * We currently make parts for companies located throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. In the past, we have also made and shipped parts to companies in Europe. So, location is not a problem. Where ever you live, we can can service your needs.

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